Ecommerce Rockets Programme Summary

Grow your DTC product brand  to $100k per month. 

Learn how to build a profitable eComm brand, by saying no to rookie agencies and yes to a proven growth strategy with the Ecomm Rockets Accelerator.

Jessie Healy, former agency-owner turned eCommerce coach.

Hitting your first $100k month is the hardest milestone in eComm. This early stage is make or break.
Don't risk throwing (more) money away on second-rate agencies or freelancers who haven’t updated their strategy since 2019.

If you are stuck at less than $10k a month, your revenue is inconsistent or you are confused at how to scale:

Join a growing number of founders taking charge, by joining my accelerator. 


Voted 5 stars by course takers.

Proven growth system

Steal our advertising system and explode your eComm business with paid traffic that W-O-R-K-S.
Jessie Healy & the coaching team have tested this system on over 50 brands and are here to share our proven process. 

Personalised Expert Help

We have assembled a team of growth experts who know how to crack the marketing puzzle in front of you.
We are there to hold your hand every step of the way with small intimate live calls to guide every piece.

Feel empowered to know what to do next and how to succeed with a clear path ahead.

"I am Jessie, I've spent over $50 million on digital ads - leading the performance marketing for, and growing some of the world's most successful startups and online businesses with my proven growth marketing process for eComm brands.
 I'm on a mission to empower eCommerce brands with the knowledge I gained in my career and  through building my growth agency Webtopia (now sold)."

"I have really loved working with Jessie and doing her course. She takes so much interest in all of our businesses and she brings os much well rounded advice (onto of all the expertise in the area of paid advertising). There is a lot we have implemented in other areas of our business as a result."

Mary McLeod
KanKan London

" I just wanted to say “Thank you so much!” The course has been invaluable and I have learnt so much. I feel confident running ads and making decisions based on their performance, it’s been great. The ads are going really well and our ROAS keeps increasing !!:) The modules are really well thought out and have lots of information but are easy to follow. Thank you so much Jessie."

Emily Carr

"I took Jessie’s course and it was a great experience. This ia a totally new area for me and she was the perfect patient guide. The videos are extensive, they guide you step by step and the community is wonderful and a hidden fount of support and advice too. Would recommend this to anyone having the understanding of how the magic works will be an investment you’ll drawn from forever."

Eliza Flanagan
KanKan London

" I seriously recommend this to anyone working in ecommerce or running their own business, the skills I learned on this course were invaluable. Jessie is so experienced and ready to offer help and advice throughout, and the weekly calls with everyone else on the course really help you gain a wider understanding of many different types of business and their challenges."

Caroline Sharp-Fox
Vanishing Point 

"Fantastic! The modules were all thought out and steps easy to follow which made a world of difference for a marketing novice like myself. The interactive weekly calls were the stand out... not only from Jessie’s vast knowledge but also from other companies who are going through the similar learning curve. Would definitely recommend!”

Monica P

"Jessie’s course is incredible! She is thorough, outgoing, engaging and easy to learn from. She’s ready to answer any questions and really puts in personal time to make sure everyone is understanding the course, so that no one gets left behind. I 100% recommend this course for anyone who owns an e-commerce business."

Abbie Roden
Co-Founder Amie

You push the buttons, we guide the strategy.

  • We work with you and train you in our proven marketing psychology-based advertising and growth framework to attract, convert, and grow P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-L-Y
  • Ecomm Rockets is a done-with-you programme that coaches you on our eCommerce marketing system via online video trainings, live coaching calls and a 24/7 online commmunity.
  • Learn what is working for other brands, get expert consultancy on your unique situation. Finally feel empowered with the knowledge to succeed and a clear path to growth laid out.
  • Save an average of $3500 per month in agency fees AND get better ad performance - because you care and know MORE about your customers than an agency ever can!

This ecomm growth system has driven
$50M in revenue for
my past clients.

A supportive community of founders.

 Building a brand can be lonely - we provide a tribe of supporters and cheerleaders to help you navigate the puzzle, inside friendly group calls and an online community. 

Who this accellerator is for

Product brands already making $20K+ per month in website revenue

Product brands who are ready to learn, implement and take action

Product brands
with ambition to
scale to $100k and beyond

Who this accellerator isn't for

Non-product brands

Total newbies who believe they can grow a brand without learning marketing

Brands with a budget under $1000 a month to spend on ads